JazzBetween is a brand new platform, founded by Marina Pravkina to promote contemporary jazz culture and to create open space for musicians, dancers, producers and DJ's from diverse backgrounds to collaborate in.
Since it was founded in 2016, JazzBetween held events in Russia, Slovakia, Japan and Spain including:

20 club nights, 6 festivals, 2 performances, as well as 80 dance workshops around the world, with 100 students participating in online classes during 2020.

JazzBetween organises club nights, festivals, performances and workshops, supporting projects that help develop music and dance culture with the "Jazz not Jazz" ethos.
'Jazz not jazz' is a new artistic direction, conceptualized on the JazzBetween dance floor, experimenting with different styles of dance and genres of music. The pure motivation behind this new direction is to promote the development of music and dance culture in jazz or any genre influenced by jazz.

'Jazz not Jazz' is also a creative ambience for new artistic posibilities for dancers and musicians.