Online and classes in person, lectures, personal development and jam sessions.
We work in footwork-oriented dance forms: house dance, uk jazz fusion, as well as body exploration & improvement of the improvisational skills.
Teacher: Marina Pravkina feat. invited guests (club dance and contemporary movement, musicians and Djs)
Online Regular Classes
Jazz not Jazz
online dance course
Regular Classes / Barcelona
Personal Mentoring
1 time per week / 1,5 hours class will include:
· Warm up (body flow, grooves, ideas for the improvisation),
· Step´s technique and variations (UK jazz fusion, footwork and house dance),
· Basic of house dance and UK jazz fusion dance,
· Footwork development,
· Self-training and Jams in the community of dancers with the guidance and tasks for the improvisation.

PLACE: Zoom (web conferencing system).
LEVELS: Advanced & Start.
START group: Sundays · 16:00 (CEST),
ADVANCED group: Wednesdays · 19:00 (CEST).
Online regular classes
JazzBetween dance group invites you to discover the movement in footwork-oriented dance forms, such as: house dance, UK jazz fusion, jazz not jazz, as well as develop the improvisational skills and body movement. The group is attending the dancers with any background.

1 time per week / 2 hours class will include:
· Warm up (body flow, grooves, exploration of the textures of the movement and improvisation),
· Step´s technique and footwork variations (uk jazz fusion, house dance),
· Foundation of house dance and uk jazz fusion dance,
· Footwork as an instrument for improvisation,
· Floorwork & flow,
· "Performance" tools,
· Exercises with the music and the sound,
· Self-training tasks and jam-sessions with the guidance and "games" for improvisation.

PLACE: Barcelona, Berga, 34.
LEVELS: Intermediate (open for all styles dancers)
TIME: Saturdays · 12:00.
Regular classes / Barcelona
Personal classes of dance techniques, exploration of the body and music, as well as exchange-sessions and special exercises to expand your improvisational tools, mentoring and consultation in the further dance development, individual requests.

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  • In person
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