Marina Pravkina is a Barcelona-based performing artist, teacher and choreographer, who define herself through the 'jazz not jazz' philosophy.
She started dance career in 2006 with house dance (club/street dance form), taking part in the biggest international dance festivals, such as: World of Dance, Summer Dance Forever, Juste Debout. Later being in the searching for the new inspiration, she discovered underground dance UK jazz fusion, that inbreathed new life in her dancing. Learning from the uk jazz fusion originators and getting their support (Irven Lewis/ Brothers in jazz, Gary Nurse / IDJ, John Agesilas /Fusion All Stars) Marina and her dance crew Matryoshki in jazz (Russia) performed and presented jazz fusion technique in the stage performances in Europe, Russia and Asia.
She has trained contemporary scenic art and floorwork in a self-taught way, traveling between workshops and festivals of Russia and Europe, that has led her to work with dance companies, such as Far For (Russia) and Iron Skulls Co (Spain). Marina regularly performs and creates collaborations with live music bands, djs and music producers from Russia, Uk and Spain.
Marina develops her new artistic path and improvisational dance language through the conception 'Jazz not Jazz'. For the past three years she constantly worked on experimentation and research around textures of the sound and movement, the relation between music instruments and dancing body.
She has recently created her own first stage work, experimenting with live musicians and "jazz not jazz" movement. The performance JazzBetween. LIVE was presented at La Merce Festival 2019.
She performed at
  • Performance "Re.titled"/ 1st prize, XV Certamen Coreografic de Sabadell, Spain, 2020.
  • Performance "Jazzbetween.LIVE" at La Merce Festival, Barcelona, 2019.
  • Solo work "Sujeto 725", Certamen International Urban Facyl, Salamanca, 2019.
  • Performance "LAGOM" at Festival of Contemporary Music & Art «Forma», Moscow, 2017,
  • Performance LAGOM at «Universal PlayGround Festival» , Slovakia, 2017,
  • "Graces" at Festival оf Dance and Urban Culture "HОP" / Best Grоup Stage Wоrk, Mercat de Les Flors, Barcelоna, 2016,
  • "Graces" at Experimental Dance Festival "Open Your Mind" / Best Stage Work, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2016,
  • Stage performance with live music band "Torino Jazz Festival", Torino, Italy, 2016).
Teaching Experience
During her 13 years experience in club/street dance, jazz fusion and improvisational movement she gave workshops and organised laboratories in Spain, Russia, Europe and Asia. She taught UK jazz fusion and house dance styles, experimenting with footworks as an instrument for improvisation and "sound-texture" tools for the development of dance improvisation & practicing.
Marina represented fresh contemporary look on jazz dance as an improvisational dance technique in the official educational program of International Jazz Day 2018 in Saint-Petersburg and hosted a course of Urban Dance Improvisation in Institute Del Teatre, Barcelona, 2019.
In 2020 she started her educational online courses and sessions of "jazz not jazz" improvisation.
Jazz Not Jazz x LCSM - Frequency (Cengiz Remix), 2020
House Dance //Summer Dance Forever, 2020
"Rhythm", The Art of Movement & Sound, 2018
UK JAZZ FUSION STYLE by Marina Pravkina, Moscow 2017
Adrian Vega & Marina Pravkina with music producer TREV, Barcelona, 201
Marina Pravkina & Veronika Skripkina with music band "21PM", Moscow, 2017
Premier: Barcelona, 2020
JazzBetween. Live
Premier: Barcelona, 2019
Premier: Barcelona, 2019
Premier: Moscow, 2017
Marina Pravkina, the ideologist of JazzBetween project and organiser of JazzBetween events, also dedicates herself to selecting and playing the music.
Marina about her musical roots:
"I was into hip-hop music and extreme sport as a teenager, hanging out in the clubs, where at the same hip-hop night played drum and bass and techno music, later when I moved to Moscow and started to be a part of the dance community my tastes evolved into funk, house and future beats music, later on dancing to one of the jazzy remixes on the house track, I discovered the jazz. From that moment my musical preferences started to revolve around all types of music with a hint of jazz: jazz-hop, broken beats, jazz fusion, bebop, jazztronica.
In 2015 i created couple of radio podcasts, speaking about young music producers and playing jazz-inspired music and later i became a DJ with the idea to transmit all the music I liked, as a dancer and as a listener: everything between jazz that grooves me in the dancing room or on the dance floor".
As a DJ she generates her personal vision between jazz, club grooves and electronic sound as a JazzBetween music.

Marina: "The DJ sets that I like to play now are always an invisible musical bridge between the past and the future of jazz music with warm feeling of live sound".

In 2016 she started to organise the first JazzBetween events in Moscow, that ended up exporting to Saint-Petersburg, Tokyo and Bratislava and finally had been based in Barcelona as one of the most avant-garde Jazz not Jazz sessions.
Her interest lies in the renewal of the relation between dance and music, clearly seen in Jazzbetween and her inexplicable way to generate a space that can be co-inhabited by artists who came from Jazz and Not Jazz. This radical binomial is the place where Marina Pravkina finds the tools to build the "Gray Scale" that one can see in her art.
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