Jazz not Jazz
Online Dance Course
-> Discover new steps of UK jazz fusion dance and improve your improvisation in jazz music.
-> Sharpen your house/jazz footworks and find new ideas for the development.
-> Learn from one of the best freestyle dancers and grow your dance knowledges in the community of music & dance lovers.
The 'Jazz not Jazz' online course, developed by Marina Pravkina over her artistic career as a dancer, will help you build the improvisational skills in footwork-oriented dance styles (jazz fusion, house) and body movement in general.
Jazz not jazz online course is attending new students.
· 6 (7) classes · 4,5 hours of video content ·
  • 3 classes: jazz fusion basic STEPS + variations,
  • 2 (3) classes: jazz fusion and house dance FOOTWORKS (basics and variations),
  • 1 class: exploration of the body in textures and flow, grooves and improvisational tools with jazz, house and broken beats music
In addition:
+ exercises on improvisation on steps & body and combination of ideas,
+ creation of your new footworks,
+ self-training tasks,
+ texts with additional explanations and motivation,
+ inspiration videos & music content will be provided.
According to personal methodology of Marina Pravkina´s dance practicing, the classes consist of :
  • warm up elements,
  • main steps & dance technique,
  • tasks on improvisation and individual work,
  • inspiration materials.
We would like to share with you an excerpt from the dance course material with Marina Pravkina.
If you want to try the class right now, just register below, leave a comment " TRY THE CLASS" and enjoy the dance!
beginners as well as experienced dancers with any background
Beginners: you will learn the basics of Jazz fusion steps, footworks and improvisation with the body. You can skip some improvisational complex tasks, if you are struggling.

Experienced: you will dive deep into footworks and steps from jazz fusion and house, you will refresh you improvisational footwork skills and work with the body. You will create and improvise on new ideas and concepts, which is exactly what you need to update your freestyle and improvise on "fast tempos".
Marina Pravkina (Russia) is a Barcelona-based performing artist, teacher and choreographer (JazzBetween, Matryoshki in jazz), who defines herself from the "Jazz not jazz" philosophy.
She started dance career in 2006 with house dance, taking part in the biggest international dance festivals, such as: World of dance, Summer Dance Forever, Juste Debout. Later she discovered underground dance style UK Jazz Fusion, that inbreathed new life in her dancing.
Currently she performs with live music bands, djs and music producers from Russia, Uk and Spain, developing her new artistic path and improvisational dance language through "Jazz not Jazz" concepts.
  • classes are pre-recorded and available via online platform housedance.pro ,
  • you can start the course on any day after the registration,
  • we recommend doing 1 class per week,
  • you can complete the classes within the time limit of your chosen option.
With all options you will have direct access to your teacher over WhatsApp chat – to ask questions and share experiences.
Payment Option: (PayPal) jazzbetween@gmail.com
Other options for payment (МИР, visa, master card) follow the link: HOUSEDANCE.PRO
*If you have some technical issues with the registration or payment form, contact us on email: dancejazzbetween@gmail.com